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Protocol Tracker
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- Track protocols in a regulatory environment
- Link external documents to a protocol
- Define protocols by type, prefix, and sequence number
- Advanced report generation with detail report filter
- Search by date range: assignment date, pre-approval date, post-approval date, execution date, re-execution due date
- Search by protocol type, sequence number, title, director, sponsor, product, equipment tracking #, manufacturing room #, status, keywords
- Protocol Tracker V1.x

Operating Systems:
- Microsoft® Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or greater
- Microsoft® Windows Vista
- Microsoft® Windows 7

Software Requirements:
- Microsoft® Access 2007, either full version or run-time
- Microsoft® Access 2007 run-time is distributed with application
- Microsoft® SQL Server

- Disk Space for Universal Client front-end application: approximately 4,400 KB at installation.
- Microsoft® Access 2007 Run-time: download size - 56.2 MB, installation size - approx. 151 MB
- Export report data to Excel
- Import protocol databases from Excel
- Administrator control of system setup, users, passwords, and import functions