Frequently Asked Questions

Universal Client Sales Manager

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  1. Can Universal Client be installed in a network / server/multiuser environment?

Universal Client Sales Manager Pro and Universal Client CRM is available in 5-User or 10-User Multi-User Editions.  Go to, click on the “Products” page, click on the Universal Client Sales Manager Pro Multi-User button or Universal Client CRM Multi-User button, and click a “Buy” button to begin purchase of a multi-user edition.  If a single-user edition was originally installed, the single-user database can be used in the multi-user edition so that no data is lost.

Typically, install the back-end database on a server that can be accessed by each networked PC that will be running Universal Client Sales Manager Pro or Universal Client CRM Multi-User Edition.  Alternatively, create a shared directory on a PC that can be accessed by each networked computer.  When installing the multi-user edition the installation process will ask the user to specify the location where the location of the shared database which should be the same for each of the computers running Universal Client.

The single-user version can only be installed on a single computer.  For reasons of product stability and reliability, the software distribution and installation process automatically installs and saves the data files to a preset expected location on your personal computer; therefore, it is not configured for shared multi-user access, such as on a network shared drive. 

  1. How can I change the location of the back-end database in the multi-user edition of Universal Client Pro?

If access security is turned on, log on as ”Admin”.  Click the System Administration button.  On the System Administration screen click the Change Database Location button.  The system will prompt the user for the new location.  The user should copy the database to the new location before changing the location otherwise a blank copy of the database will be created at that location.  If a blank copy is created at the new location, then restore the old copy to the new location by clicking the Restore Previous Database button.

  1. Can the application be accessed remotely through the internet?

If you have the Universal Client application setup on your desktop PC on-site at your office and you wish to connect to it via an internet connection when you are away from the office, then access the application remotely by using a program such as GotoMyPC ( which will allow single-user access remotely to the application installed on a computer at your office.

Alternatively, for the multi-user version of Universal Client, if you are out of the office and have an internet connection from the remote site using a VPN (see your IT administrator), you can access and run the Universal Client application remotely.

  1. Can Canadian provincial and postal codes to be used in the Pro edition?

Whenever an address is required, there is a check box labeled ‘Int’l format’.  Checking the box will eliminate the U.S. City/State/Zipcode fields.  All of the provincial and postal codes can then be typed directly into the address box. 

  1. Can client and inventory information be imported from Excel® spreadsheets into the Universal Client?

Yes, Universal Client Sales Manager Pro and Universal Client CRM can import Part Name, Part Number, Part Description, Part Size, Unit Price, and Notes from a .csv formatted data file.  Refer to the Users Manual for details. 

Universal Client does not track inventory levels.

  1. Can client ID’s be imported or assigned in Universal Client rather than using default ID’s?

Yes, Universal Client Sales Manager Pro and Universal Client CRM can import client information, including ‘alternate client ID’ from a .csv formatted data file.  Refer to the Users Manual for details. 

Alternate Client IDs can also be assigned while creating new or modifying existing records from the Client Info screen.

  1. Can sales order and invoice column layouts be customized?

Your company logo, when available in digital form, can be imported at the top of invoices, estimates and statements.  Go to the System Administration\Organization screen to link to your logo.  The invoice, statements, estimates and receipts document formats have been designed to a fixed PDF format to provide maximum information in a profession and organized presentation.  Documents can be printed on your stationary letterhead to provide your “look”.  There are no customization options currently for report format.

  1. Can sales orders, estimates and invoices be saved as PDF files?

Yes, the PDF print option is available and is visible at the top of the window ribbon in the “Data” module.

  1. Can the Universal Client Sales Manager Pro edition handle returns the same way as it does sales?

Yes, there is a special module for returns.  There is a ‘Returns’ button at the top of the ‘Client Info’ screen.  Returns can be handled as refunds or credits, depending on the individual sales/return encounter.

  1. Is there a limit to the size of the client and inventory database?

The Universal Client application is limited to 2 GB of total data storage.

  1. Can price breaks for quantity be set up?

No, however, price can easily be adjusted directly in the ‘Price’ field in the ‘Sales Order’ window, without needing to adjust at the ‘Part/Service’ module.

  1. Can I put this on a server and hit it locally and through the net?  

Yes, Universal Client Multi-User Editions are available in 5-user and 10-user license editions.  The data base is stored on a shared drive where it is assessed through the individual computers.

  1. Does it integrate with my fax and email so I can use only 1 interface to send/receive info?

Documents, such as invoices, statements and estimates can be saved in a PDF format for inclusion as e-fax and email attachments.  Your e-mail can be opened directly from the ‘Client Info’ screen using Microsoft® Outlook®.

  1. Can Universal Client do Purchase Orders, Invoicing, Estimates, Sales Orders, Inventory, etc.?

Yes, Universal Client Sales Manager Pro provides invoicing, estimates and sales orders.  Universal Client CRM provides estimates and sales orders.  Your customer’s purchase order can be entered into the sales order in the PO data field and is included in all of your invoices and statement of accounts. Universal Client does provide a parts/service database which interacts with your sales order entry.  The Reports library includes a sales report which tracks items sold by quantity, price and sales rep.  Universal Client applications do not track inventory. 

  1. How do I add sales tax and have the system add it in automatically?

If a standard sales tax is to be added to particular sales items and services, that tax should first be defined and set through the Sales Tax Table feature. The Sale Tax Table can be opened by clicking on the Sales Tax Table located at the top of the Sales Order screen or from the Part/Service Item screen or by double clicking on Sales Tax screen

From the Sales Tax screen the tax is set up by description and %.  After saving, that tax will be listed in the drop down wherever sales tax is added.  If a part or service item is standard, it is suggested that the tax be assigned directly to that item, though the Parts/Service screen.  Then, every time the item is selected for sale, the tax is automatically assigned.

Of course sales tax can be manually by entering a % tax from the on the Sale Item Entry line in the Sales Order screen.

  1. Is the purchase of Universal Client a one-time cost or are there recurring monthly charges and any other hidden fees? 

The purchase of Universal Client is a one-time cost.  There are no recurring monthly or quarterly subscription fees such as with some hosted or web-based applications.  There are no limitations to how you use the program.  There are no other costs.  Future major new versions of the Pro or multi-user versions may require purchase.  Updates which include bug fixes are no cost.

  1. On how many PC’s is Universal Client allowed to be installed?

Universal Client Sales Manager Pro and Universal Client CRM single-user editions are licensed to be installed on a single computer.  Universal Client Sales Manager Pro Multi-User and Universal Client CRM Multi-User are available in a 5-user and 10-user license edition.

  1. Is Universal Client sales, inventory and accounting capable?

Universal Client Sales Manager Pro allows you to save all of your client information, create sales orders using your part identifiers and pricing, provides invoicing / statements / estimates, allows payments to be entered against sales and then to track accounts receivables.  Universal Client Sales Manager Pro provides numerous productivity reports, including number of items sold by part and sales reps.  Universal Client CRM tracks estimates and sales orders only.  Neither program tracks inventory levels.

  1. How do I enter UK Counties and postcodes?

The international (non-U.S.) format is set by checking the box “Int’l Format” found next the address box in the Client Info screen and can be set as a default in the System Administration/Organization screen.  When clicked, the U.S. City, State, and Zipcode fields are hidden and all international information is entered in the address text box which can include county and postcode information.

The monetary currency is used in all sales transactions and calculations.  The monetary currency default for Universal Client is the U.S. dollar; however, alternate local currencies can be selected using the Microsoft® Regional and Language Options feature.

Open the Regional and Language Options in Windows® Control Panel.  On the Regional Options tab, under Standards and formats, click the desired locale and the appropriate currency will be formatted into Universal Client.  Click Customize to change individual settings for the currency.

  1. Can access be restricted to parts of the system and certain reports?

There is no restricted access to parts of the system or to reports in the single-user edition of Universal Client Sales Manager Pro and Universal Client CRM.  However, in the Universal Client Sales Manager Pro Multi-User Edition, access to the financial reports can be restricted by the “Admin” password.  Also, in both the Universal Client CRM Multi-User and Universal Client Sales Manager Pro Multi-User Editions in the System Administration screen, access can be secured by the “Admin” password to System Info, import, backup and restore, user account and password, and database location functions.  To restrict access to the reports and system admin functions with the “Admin” password, click the “Enable User Login / Security” checkbox in System Info. 

Note:  The client database would be shared and assessable to all users.

  1. Is this a hosted and/or On-premise only solution?

Universal Client Sales Manager Pro, Universal Client CRM, Universal Client Sales Manager Pro Multi-User and Universal Client CRM Multi-User applications are not hosted, but  installed on-premise.

  1. Is there any integration with email marketing etc.?  How easy can this integrate with Microsoft Outlook etc. to manage/integrate client email correspondence?

Universal Client Sales Manager Pro and Universal Client CRM creates a Client List that can simply be exported into Microsoft Excel®.  From Excel all of the client information can then be imported by Microsoft Outlook® for your email marketing.  There is some integration with Microsoft Outlook® that enables Outlook to be launched from within Universal Client with the client email automatically filled-in.  Also, when invoking Microsoft Outlook from within the Sales Order screen, the Sales Order or Estimate is automatically attached to the email.

  1. Can performance of sales staff be monitored and reports generated for a sales group or individual employee?

Sales reports can be generated by a selected employee or all employees.  There is no means to group employees for display.  Again, the report can be exported into Microsoft Excel® for sorting and analysis.

  1. Is the software able to generate a unique new account ID or support ticket ID for tracking and account management?

Each Universal Client record has an automatically generated unique ID number; i.e., sales, client, transaction, payment, etc.  Invoice numbers are automatically generated, but can be customized by the user.

  1. What level of support is provided?

Very little support is needed to install and run Universal Client applications.  Our support team is available to answer your inquires via email to  Additional phone support is available as needed as is remote assist on your PC via GoToAssist®. 

Extended support is available on an hourly basis.  Golden Tier Management Software Inc. (GTMS) can quote on individual client needs.

  1. Obviously for business continuity purposes, what re-assurance do we have that you will continue supporting the development of this software?

GTMS is committed to the continued development of our software.

  1. What are the backup options and functionality?

The database can be backed up by clicking on the “Backup Database” function located in the System Administration screen.  Restore of previous backups can be done by clicking on the “Restore Previous Database” button in System Administration.  Automatic backup of the database can be performed each time the application is closed.  Enable this function by clicking on the “Enable Auto Backup” checkbox in System Administration/System Setup.

  1. Is it possible to manage more than one business using the one software license?

In System Administration/System Setup, there is a setup feature for the Organization, which then gets carried over into report, invoice, estimates, etc.  Currently, Universal Client allows for data collection for only one organization at a time.

  1. How do you print a mailing label?

If you're creating mailing labels for invoicing and statements, the printed folded invoice and statements are formatted such that the mailing address should appear in the window of a #10 envelope, thus eliminating the need for a label.

Otherwise, the recommended method to create labels is to go to Reports and export the Client Directory to create a Microsoft Excel address database.  From this database, labels can be created from the Microsoft Word® Tools/Letters and Mailing.

  1. Can the currency sign be changed from $ to Israel Shekels (NIS)?

To change the currency sign from $ to Israel Shekels (NIS), open the Regional and Language Options in Windows® Control Panel. 

From within the Regional Options window, click the Customize button to open the Customize Regional Options window.

Next, click on the Currency tab and enter ‘NIS’ in the Currency symbol field. Save the change by clicking OK to exit all of the customized windows.

  1. Is it possible to connect to a credit card program and/or charge a clients credit card using your system?

Credit card purchases can be tracked with Universal Client Sales Manager Pro; however, there are no provisions to connect directly to a credit card system.

  1. If my system does not have the full version of Access 2007 and I install the run-time version, does the Universal Client application still work?  Do I need to purchase Access run-time?

Universal Client applications runs under either the full or run-time version of Microsoft Access®.  Access Runtime® is distributed and loaded during the Universal Client installation.  You do not need to purchase the full version of Microsoft Access 2007®. 

  1. Is the system comprehensive yet easy to use and can it be used quickly and intuitively after the necessary customization process and the obligatory data-entry.

Every screen and action is intuitive and button driven; ex, auto-invoicing and statement generation.  Create a sales order.  Click the View Sales Order button at the top of the Sales Order screen and a printable sales order is generated.

  1. Does Universal Client allow for the conversion of estimates to invoices? 

Yes.  Universal Client CRM and Universal Client Sales Manager Pro track estimates and sales orders.  Once an estimate is created, a sales order can be created from the estimate by a single-click of a button.  Universal Client Sales Manager Pro must be used to create invoices.  When a sales order converts to an actual invoiced sale, go to the Sales Order and click the box for Invoice to convert the sales order to an invoice.   Sales orders can also be tagged as point of sale (POS) transactions.

  1. Does Universal Client have some facility for clients to pay invoices on-line and have a reporting mechanism which will tell me when people are late in paying?

Universal Client Sales Manager Pro does not have a capability for clients to pay invoices on-line. 

The Accounts Receivable report shows via an aging profile how overdue payments are for a client.  Also, the aging profile is shown on the Statements screen.

  1. Can I restrict access to the CRM part of Universal Client so that the accounting portions are not accessible?

In multi-user environments, use Universal Client CRM Multi-User Edition for those users needing only the CRM features and use Universal Client Sales Manager Pro Multi-User Edition for those users needing access to the accounting features.  Share the same database for all installations.

The multi-user edition of Universal Client Sales Manager Pro allows for restricted access to financial reports.  The single-user edition of Universal Client Sales Manager Pro or Universal Client CRM does not restrict access to any portion of the system.

  1. Are there project management features available in Universal Client?

Universal Client doesn’t have a project management tool per se; however,  billable projects can be set up as “Parts / Service” and all activities tracked against that project number, including sales rep activity, billing encounters, accounts receivables, and more.

  1. Does Universal Client have a really good searchable database facility where I can input certain criteria and then ask the database to find it?

Universal Client reports have appropriate filters pop-ups to constrain report output.  Filters include date range, client name, employee name, part number, etc.  All reports can be exported into Excel® with a click of button.  Also, clients can be searched by using wild-cards, search by client ID, client’s date of birth range, phone number, and alternate record id.  Sales Orders and Estimates can be searched by client, invoice number, PO number, sales record ID, location, employee or date range.

  1. We operate mainly in GBP (£), but we also pay out in other currencies and might even start being paid in similar – so far, nothing more exotic than £, $US and €.  Can you mix currencies in Universal Client?

The currency is set up per your Windows Panel Control/Regional Settings Options.  At this time all transactions within Universal Client will use the currency defined in the Regional settings – you cannot mix currencies. 

  1. I receive the message, "The OpenReport action was canceled."  and my reports do not run.

This message is displayed under different situations.  There is not transaction data to be reported.  Create a transaction, such as a sales order.  There is printer driver incompatibility.  Use an alternate printer or if using Windows 7 or higher, set your default printer to 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer'.


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